An Atlantean Prince escaped the sinking of Atlantis on one of a group of ships carrying his tribe. On the voyage west, all except him were lost at sea in a storm. For many years he searched the east coast of what is now America for his people, but not one did he ever find. Every so often he would see the distant ghost of an Indian pointing to the west, but he never knew what it meant. One morning, while asking for guidance from the sea gods, a voice said "Turn Around." There in the distance was the Indian ghost, pointing to the west. It was a cosmic moment, for he knew the time had come for him to move on, and leave behind the dream of finding his tribe that had surely been lost under the sea so many years before.
The Atlantean Prince proceeded to head west across North America, from time to time being guided by the pointing Indian ghost. Across mountains and rivers and plains to the mammoth mountains of the Rockies and beyond, the Indian ghost finally guided the Atlantean Prince to a cave where he was to meet the Masters of the Mountain. There, for many years, he was taught the guidance, wisdom and truth of the mountain from his ghostly teachers, all the while singing his lessons to learn them more deeply. In the end, the mountain taught him a very simple truth: That if he searches for his people he will not find them, but if he searches for his true self and learns to sing his very own song, his people will find him!
There came a time when he stopped growing old and, in fact, appeared to grow younger. He had mastered the draining power of the emotion "want" and had transformed his body from a vehicle of ambition to a vehicle of creative destiny. He knew that in time he would find his tribe again, for the song would never die, and he would never stop singing. Some day, maybe even thousands of years later, they would hear the song of their long lost Prince and join him in blessed harmony again.
So lives the Ghost of an Atlantean Prince who sings of the wisdom he learned from the Masters of the Mountain, through the metaphor of modern and futuristic life.
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